We contribute to building a sustainable future


Our vision is to be a long-term supplier of environmentally friendly and cost effective construction materials and we are safe to both work with and work for.

The construction sector contributes to around a fifth of CO2 Emissions and a third of all Waste in Sweden, a majority of which comes from material production. Only a small percentage of material in construction projects is recycled. We saw a lot of room for improvement here, and we exist to contribute to building a more sustainable future.


With a flood of sustainability directives in the industry, in combination with desirable eco-labels, we realized that the current supply of building materials leaves a lot to be desired in terms of sustainability, environment, emissions and waste generation.

We want to promote sustainable construction by offering construction material that does not contribute to additional emissions of greenhouse gases to the construction sector in the Nordics.

We accomplish this by recycling waste material that would otherwise remain waste and/or be incinerated, and “ucpcycling” this to a high-performing new product.  Relieving the environment of the impact of waste management and incineration contributes to is a big bonus for us.


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We cooperate - with integrity and transparency


We take responsibility for ourselve and the future


We prioritize the well-being of people and the environment


We are innovative and driving, grounded in sustainable growth

Our future

…depends on creating sustainable circular solutions. The amount of waste in society is steadily increasing, while recycling technologies lag behind. A lot of collected waste consists of composite paper and plastics. We see these materials as valuable and use them to produce a unique, green, high quality construction product, without additional costs for customers, society or the planet.

We contribute

…with a circular solution for composite packaging that are expensive and difficult to recycle traditionally. We give this material new life as a low-carbon alternative to construction boards, and the opportunity for recycling it over and over again in our production facility as no other materials or additives are used in manufacturing.


… designs, produces and sells low-carbon cost-effective construction boards with high performance in a process that utilizes 100% waste that would otherwise have to go through the traditional recycling process that is costly both in economic terms and for the environment, while resulting in that only a small part of the material can be used again.

Our solution

…is scalable in a unique way in terms of reducing waste levels without any step in the process contributing to missions. This is achieved without utilizing government support or subsidies. A truly circular solution where a product that finished its intended use gets new life in another industry, and can be recycled over and over again.