We decrease the amount of waste and emissions from the construction industry and in society 


Our patented technology takes advantage of the properties a beverage carton provides and offers them to the construction sector. 

We give new life to this material which otherwise would have been regarded as unnecessary waste. The raw material is dried, sterilized, grinded and pressed under high temperature. 

Composite packaging is great to store food in, but very difficult to recycle; only a small part of the packaging can be used to make new carton, the rest is incinerated. We recycle 100% of the packaging and create a sustainable construction material. 


In our process, not even water is added. Only heat and pressure is needed and that will come from 100% renewable energy. Our recycled material contains no chemicals and does not emit any gases or organic substances. Traditional boards contain glues, chemicals, water and/or mining of natural resources to be made. 

Zero Waste

Our production process generates no waste; everything that is sawed off or doesn’t meet the quality standard is used as new raw material.


Also, we offer to receive and, in some cases, collect leftover materials. This can be used to manufacture new materials of the same high quality. 

Scalable Recycling

More than 400 packages are recycled in the production of a board and every truckload of our product corresponds to 300,000 cartons being recycled.


Our production recycles 350 tonnes of waste/month, about 4000 tonnes per year.