The Building Material of the Future


100% recycled, 100% recyclable

0 emissions, 0 waste, 0 additives, 0 water

Uncompromized performance

Ready for any application

Moisture and mold resistent

100% made in Sweden


All our boards can be produced with either transparent surface on one or both sides, or covered with paper. The DESIGN variant is intended for application where the interior content of the board should be exposed and visible.


The standard product BASIC is covered by a surface paperboard. As such, it can be surface treated in any traditional way just like gypsum boards. Choose tapered edges for smooth jointing and puttying:


UNIVERSAL (11 / 12 / 13 mm x 600 / 900 / 1200 x 2500 mm)

A versatile construction board for interior and exterior walls, ceilings as well as roof and floor underlayment. For all applications where wooden and gypsum boards are traditionally used. Can in many situations replace the classic two-layer construction in interior wall systems.

COVER (8 / 9 / 10 mm x 600 / 900 / 1200 x 2500 mm)

A thinner, moisture resistant board for exterior sheathing and weatherproofing. Can also be used for interior renovation to easily give walls a new, fresh and smooth layer.

SOLID (15 / 16 / 18 x 1220 x 2440 mm)

A compact, thicker board that is both moisture and mold resistant, for application in furniture manufacturing or fine interior carpenting. Can be used with the raw look and is ready for surface treatment by laminate or veneer.


Assessment: B

Comments: Default / Worst Case substances used for content components

A1-A3: 0,42 kg / m2

The product is listed in the Nordic Eco Label portal and can be used in "Svanen"-labeled projects.

One board for all your needs

RECOMAs construction board can replace the traditional two-layer combination of wood and gypsum. It is strong and stiff enough to allow furniture to be mounted on the wall, yet smooth enough to be finished like a gypsum board.

Return system

For all our products, we offer the possibility to return waste material after use (cut-offs, leftovers, demolition waste) to be recycled into new construction boards.


  • Moisture resistant – hydrophobic surface layer and 50% lower absorption rate than wooden boards. It can be used in any environment without cause for worry.


  • Smooth – Our boards are pressed with a surface paper under high temperatures and pressure, like a gypsum board. The result is a smooth board that can be finished in any way you please.


  • Stable – RECOMA construction boards can handle variations in temperature and relative humidity while retaining its shape and properties. It does not crack and is not damaged by handling.


  • Strong – It can bear around 65 kilograms per 4,5mm screw at 12mm thickness, making it possible to attach furniture without looking for beams or using specialty fasteners.


  • Insulating – Better thermal and acoustic insulation than other construction boards. Aluminum particles in the board reflect heat radiation back into the room.

  • Ergonomic – With a density of ~750 kg per cubic meter, standard measurement boards can be handled easily – saving time and energy


  • Flexible – Can be heated and curved for installation on rounded corners, arches, or other non-standard shapes.


Data Sheet


Size: Width 300, 600, 900 or 1200 mm, length up to 3000 mm. Other widths per request.

Thickness: Between 8 and 18 mm. Thicker boards can be achieved by laminating two or more boards together.

Surface: Paperboards as standard, can also be produced transparent by a surface layer of recycled LDPE.

Edges: Straight or tapered. Other types of milled edges per request.

Sustainable housing, construction, society and planet

We manufacture high quality construction boards from material that is considered waste by others. We contribute to a healthier planet and help the whole value chain reduce their waste and carbon footprint.


Our patented technology uses only heat, pressure and time to transform waste into high-performing products. No other additives are used, not even water. Only renewable energy.